The Oil Cooler, Reinvented

CSF’s RACE-SPEC Oil Coolers – Available in four universal-fit sizes
  • High Efficiency & Rugged Durability – Bar/Plate Design
  • Triangular Flush Mounting Holes on Each Side of Both Top/Bottom Endplates (M8 x 1.25)
  • CSF’s New “Aero-Flow” Bar Design for Lightweight, Strength, and Maximum Flow Through the Core
  • Satin Black Finish for Extreme Protection Against Corrosion and Debris

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CSF is proud to introduce its new line of universal-style high-performance oil coolers. Currently consisting of four unique sizes, CSF has “reinvented” a common yet critical item, with features and benefits never seen before on an aftermarket high-performance oil cooler!

CSF Universal Oil Coolers (CSF #8066, #8110, #8111, #8119)

Below are the features of the new oil cooler line, details of each oil cooler, and some examples of the many ways these oil coolers can be utilized; engine oil cooling, transmission oil cooling, power-steering, differential-cooling, as well as a water heat exchanger.

The “BOSS” Cooler – CSF #8066

CSF’s 1st universal-style oil cooler, dubbed the “BOSS” Cooler, has been on the market since 2016. (Check out the official release here) Since CSF concentrates mostly on direct fit applications, this oil cooler may still be unknown to many. However, for many industry insiders and race-teams that are close to CSF, this oil cooler has been the go-to option in so many unique ways. 

Originally conceived as a new twist on the Mazda FC Rx-7 oil cooler which was used as a Japanese bosozoku style externally mounted oil cooler. See more information here. Check out Japanese Nostalgic Car’s write up on the “Boss Cooler” and how it fits well with Shakotan builds as well.
CSF #8066 Highlights
  • Heavy-Duty Bar/Plate Construction for Durability & Strength (Ideal for External Placement)
  • Dual-Pass Design
  • Turbulated 8-Row Core w/ High Density Multi-Louvered Fin Pitch
  • -10 AN Male Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Flippable Universal Design for Inlet/Outlet on Either Side
  • 2 M8 Mounting Bosses (w/ Steel Helicoil)
  • Unique Semi-Gloss/Matte Black Powder-Coated Finish Using Thermal Rejecting Powder
  • Overall Dimensions: 22″ L x 5″ H x 2.25″ W
  • MSRP/MAP $339.00 USD
Check out how CSF Race team partner NV Auto from Toronto Canada keeps their Formula Drift, 2JZ swapped BRZ cool with 2 CSF BOSS oil coolers used as an engine oil and transmission oil cooler.

CSF #8110 / CSF #8111

These two new oil coolers are professional-level high-performance universal oil coolers. From the beginning of development, these coolers were specifically designed for direct-fitment as a front mount center oil cooler for Porsche 911/930 models (up to 1989) (for IROC-style or similar front bumper).

CSF’s RS style Oil Cooler in a Porsche IROC style front bumpeR

CSF’s new oil cooler (CSF #8110) compared to an original Porsche RSR oil cooler. The OEM Porsche oil cooler is now more than 30 years old, and is very hard to find. Often used RSR oil coolers go for $3,000 USD in the resale market. CSF has filled the void to consumers looking for an affordable alternative with new technology and better fitment that the original. CSF’s well thought out design featuring a tapered tank with 15 degree inlet/outlet angle is a huge improvement over the bulkier banjo style fittings of 30+ years ago. 

Ryan Hoegner’s Porsche 911 SC also features the new Universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler (CSF #8110). This is an example of the direct fitment for the Porsche 911 center front oil cooler (RS Style). The oil cooler really completes the look of the front bumper. Check out Speedhunters’ feature on the road to SEMA.

The Kraftwerx Auto R32 swapped MKll Volkswagen GTI Rallye is a true work of art. This build features a unique combination of CSF cooling products, a one-off liquid-to-air intercooler made by Sheepey Race using CSF liquid-to-air intercooler cores, a Universal Tuck Radiator (CSF #8049) made exclusively for Rywire and a Universal Oil Cooler (CSF #8110) as a heat exchanger. Read in-depth details on the build in Performance VW as it sits deservingly on the cover of January’s 2019 edition. Also, check out SPEEDHUNTERS’ coverage of its SEMA 2018 debut.

CSF #8110 Highlights
  • 10 Rows of High Pressure Bar/Plate Oil Cooling
  • Dual-Pass Design (Porsche “RS” Front Center Mount Oil Cooler)
  • Core Dimensions: 21.50″ L x 5.75″ H x 2.25″ W
  • Universal Style M22 x 1.50 Female Fittings on Same Side (Feed and Return w/ Slight 15-Degree Angle for Bumper Clearance)
  • For Use With M30 / -16AN / -12AN Union Adapters
  • Overall Dimensions: 22″ L x 5.75″ H x 2.25″ W
  • MSRP/MAP $599.00 USD
CSF #8111 Highlights
  • 10 Rows of High Pressure Bar/Plate Oil Cooling
  • Single-Pass Design (Porsche “RSR” Front Center Mount Oil Cooler)
  • Core Dimensions: 21.50″ L x 5.75″ H x 2.25″ W
  • Universal Style M22 x 1.50 Female Fittings on Opposite Sides (Feed and Return Top and Bottom Adjacent w/ Slight 15-Degree Angle for Bumper Clearance)
  • For Use With M30 / -16AN / -12AN Union Adapters
  • Overall Dimensions: 24″ L x 5.75″ H x 2.25″ W
  • MSRP/MAP $599.00 USD
CSF’S #8110 dual-pass oil cooler (RS style) packaged into the tight confines of a custom engine build. Line routing is now much easier with both feed/return connections on side compared to a typical oil cooler where the inlet/outlet are often on opposite ends.

CSF #8119

The most compact sized oil cooler from the CSF range, this oil cooler can be mounted and used in many different configurations. 

The CSF #8119 is used as the engine oil cooler for the CSF EVOX. Mounted underneath the right headlight, the oil cooler design allows endless mounting configurations in ways most conventional oil coolers cannot. Also, the durability of the bar/plate core enables it to be installed in areas where a large amount of debris would typically be a problem for fear of puncture and failure.

CSF #8119 Highlights
  • 8 Rows of High-Pressure Bar/Plate Oil Cooling
  • Dual-Pass Design
  • Universal Style M22 x 1.50 Female Fittings on Same Side (Feed and Return w/ 40-Degree Angle)
  • For Use With M30 / -16AN / -12AN Union Adapters
  • Overall Dimensions: 13″ L x 4.75″ H x 2.25″ W
  • MSRP/MAP $289.00 USD

The 3 distinct advantages of a csf oil cooler

The unique design of CSF’s oil cooler line has 3 very distinct advantages over convention style oil coolers (similar to Setrab, Mocal, or lesser quality “plate-type/stacked” oil coolers). 

  1. It allows the oil cooler to now be placed in tighter spaces or different areas of the vehicle that don’t have much vertical surface area. The CSF oil cooler w/ it’s longer rectangular size can also help with avoiding the stacking of too many coolers which may cause airflow issues to other components in the cooling system. 
  2. Inlet/outlet port placement is much easier to route oil lines. In a typical oil cooler lines have to be routed from different / opposite ends of the cooler often facing up or down. Usually one line has to run across from one side of the cooler to the other to then be routed together to the feed/return connection of the oil system. 
  3. The CSF oil cooler is much more robust, durable, and can withstand a higher peak burst rate. This allows the cooler to be mounted in areas that might get high debris (front fascia, diff cooler, side vents, etc…). When using a conventional oil cooler, the type of mounting locations are often not considered due to the risk of damage. The CSF oil cooler is designed to withstand a tremendous amount of vibration and debris (you can even stand on it!).

Custom Offerings

CSF has the ability to offer high-performance parts companies and oil cooling kit manufacturers a unique solution that is customizable in many ways. Taking the available size configurations from any of these four oil coolers, CSF can do the following with no additional tooling cost. 

  • Placement of Oil Connections (Inlet/Outlet)
  • Length of Core
  • Color Finishes
  • Logo Placement (Logo Tooling Fee – $500.00 USD)
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection Style
  • Including Sensor Bungs
  • Including Brackets or Other Mounting Points
  • Bulk or Individually Packaged

*Width and height modifications that deviate from any of the CSF coolers already in production would require new tooling for specific cast end tanks. A modest tooling cost of ~$1,000 – $1,500 USD is required as part of the set-up process.

**Minimum order qty of 50 coolers p/ production run required.

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