Many race teams, tuners, and aftermarket companies use CSF to design, develop, and manufacture private label and co-branded cooling systems. Custom sizing/configurations, materials, finishes, and branding options are available.

Over the past 65+ years, CSF’s five manufacturing facilities have produced countless custom cooling systems including:

  • Custom Race Car and Motorcycle All-Aluminum Units
  • All Metal Copper/Brass Steel Cased Military Tank & Train Applications
  • Power Generator Radiators and Cooling Kits (Including Oil Cooler, Hydraulic Cooler, Fans, and Shroud)
  • Boat and Marine Heat Exchangers
  • Intercoolers (All-Aluminum With Cast Endtanks or Plastic-Aluminum with Either Bar/Plate or Tube/Fin Cores)
  • Commercial and Heavy-Duty Truck Radiators
  • Power Steering and Transmission Coolers with Custom Bent Hard Lines
  • Radiator Pressure Caps and Filler Necks
  • AC Condensers


endtank logo stamping
& custom stencil creation available


Minimum order quantity (M0q)
  • Radiators – 30-50 Units p/ Order (Depends on Design and Application). Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Radiator Cores – 30 Units
  • Intercoolers – 50 Units p/ Prder. Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Oil Coolers, Power Steering, and Transmission Coolers – 50 Units p/ order. Expectation of at Least 100 Units p/ Year
  • Intercooler Cores – 30 Units

* Our requirements are flexible if we see opportunity within a partnership, however CSF does not do custom one-off projects.


Please allow for lead times that typically range from 60 – 150 days. Our lead times vary and depend on many factors including; seasonality, material availability, quantity ordered, and freight availability/speed. Some custom orders can be expedited depending on quantity and shipping options.